“Contender for Christian movie of the year.”

“A winner!”
WORLD Magazine

“One of the best sports movies ever made … a feel-good film packed with hope.”
Michael Foust, Crosswalk

“A cinematic masterpiece. … The ultimate inspirational underdog story!”
Richard Smith, The Christian Film Review

“A 5-star film. … You will enjoy every minute of George Foreman’s inspiring story.”
Ada Enechi, BUZZFEED

“Captivating! … Superbly crafted, inspiring story about redemption through faith in Jesus.”

“The inspiring movie event of the year! … A must-see movie experience.”
Dave Morales, FOX TV HOUSTON

“One of the most impactful releases of the year … stellar performances!”
DeWayne Hamby,

“A great American story!”
Shawn Edwards, FOX-TV


“I was totally enthralled, entertained, and challenged as I watched BIG GEORGE FOREMAN. This film clearly demonstrates that a man’s beginning doesn't have to dictate their ultimate destiny. Every person who sees this movie will be motivated to move forward with hope for their own lives. In spite of your past limitations, failures, and defeats, you will be inspired to help others do the same.”
Dr. Tony Evans
“We just watched the new film BIG GEORGE FOREMAN and we were overwhelmed! It is a beautiful journey of George finding his true identity. The film also shows a wonderful picture of God’s grace and the power of the redemptive cross. We highly recommend going to see BIG GEORGE FOREMAN.”
Dave Dravecky, Former MLB All-Star Pitcher, Motivational Speaker, and Author
“BIG GEORGE FOREMAN reminds us that every obstacle can be overcome. His story will echo in all of our lives and cement the hope we need to persevere against all odds.”
Bishop Walter Thomas, CEO, Changes Can Happen
“BIG GEORGE FOREMAN is as powerful as the legendary champion’s once fearsome right hand. A compelling story of inspiration and resolve, it highlights the transformative power of Jesus Christ and shows that no life is beyond redemption. It will awe you, entertain you, put a smile on your face, and perhaps, even make you cry.”
Chris Broussard, Fox Sports Broadcaster and President of K.I.N.G. Movement
“BIG GEORGE FOREMAN inspires us to go from trauma to testimony, pain to purpose, and fear to faith. Not just a movie, but a power punch of hope and grace!”
Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC)
“This movie is more than a story of one man’s life—it’s an epic tale of hope, courage, and inspiration. This movie taps into a deep human need—all of us want someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be. Deep down, we all want something to believe in. This movie gave me something, and Someone to believe in.”
Dr. Chris Harper, Chief Storyteller and CEO, BetterMan
“This film was incredible. From overcoming poverty and getting a chance in life because someone believed in him, to rebuilding it all, to learning invaluable lessons in business, faith, and community, we took a heartwarming ride through George Foreman’s journey. The actors and storyline were phenomenal!”
Kia Williams, Director of Partnerships & Events, Jude 3
“This is a great film for every church to invite even non-believers because it’s a true-life struggle. It’s the discovery of what happens when we lose everything but discover the one thing that we have that will never go away—our relationship with Jesus Christ.”
Glenn Burris, Former President, Foursquare Church
“What a beautiful movie. Let it touch your life, let it touch your heart. Not only was it a wonderful story, it’s beautifully done. Such an amazing experience.”
Dr. Joseph Bryant, Sports & Ministry Executive
“This inspiring movie proves that when it seems like we’re down to nothing, we still have the power of faith, hope, and love within us.”
Nona Jones, Tech Executive, Author, Speaker
“BIG GEORGE FOREMAN is an inspirational masterpiece. It’s the kind of movie you will watch over and over again with family members and friends.”
Dr. Charles Jenkins, Businessman and Singer
“BIG GEORGE FOREMAN is an amazing story of God’s grace and redemption. This is a championship outreach movie!”
Stewart McWilliams, Senior Pastor, Fellowship of the Rockies
“An incredible, family-oriented movie, telling the true life story of an incredible leader and incredible individual who absolutely embodies the story of redemption—redemption in life, redemption in eternity.”
Sean O'Neal, State Administrative Bishop California-Nevada, Church of God
“It's real. It talks about the power of redemption and the power of transformation.”
Pastor Suliasi Kurolo, Founder and Senior Pastor of World Harvest Center, Fiji
“I want to encourage you to build bridges and invite as many people as possible to be a part of seeing the BIG GEORGE FOREMAN story. I know that you'll be glad that you did.”
James Davis, Founder, Global Church Network
“I think that this film will inspire many young people in our churches.”
Bishop David Sobrepena, Word of Hope, Manila
“Every single one of us will encounter times we have to persevere. Watching the story of George’s transformation, when Christ came into his life and completely changed his heart, is inspiring! Such a great, worthwhile film.”
Joe Manase, Lead Pastor, City Impact Church, Auckland
“A must-see film for anyone who has had to overcome adversity, persevere through life’s tough challenges, demonstrate a strong work ethic, and show resilience over and over again in the face of setback after setback. This movie will give you a renewed inspiration for life!”
Odell Dickerson, COO, New Psalmist Baptist Church
“BIG GEORGE FOREMAN is a fun and fascinating journey through the remarkable life of a legendary boxer and minister. It’s a story about faith, redemption, and forgiveness. The only thing stronger than Big George’s punch is his belief in the God who guides him. This is a film that boxing fans and communities of faith will enjoy.”
Jemar Tisby, Ph.D, Bestselling author, and podcast host
“Es un testimonio palpable del poder transformador del Evangelio de Jesucristo. Una historia de redención, restauración y un nuevo comienzo.” (“It is a palpable testimony to the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A story of redemption, restoration, and a new beginning.”)
Gilberto Corredera, Pastor, Prestonwood Español
“What a story. More importantly, what a Savior. I want to recommend to every pastor, to every church, this is a faith movie that needs to be seen not only by the faith community, but by others as well.”
Dr. Bartholomew Orr, Senior Pastor, Brown Missionary Baptist Church
BIG GEORGE FOREMAN “shows how it’s never too late to restart!”
Pastor Tyron Robinson, Changing a Generation Church
“George Foreman's complex life comes to life in this well-acted film. I appreciated how it showcased his family's struggles with poverty as well as the trappings of fame in ways that felt genuine. It is also one of the few Hollywood films to show a Christian conversion in a way that didn't feel contrived. This is one of the few Christian films I, as a believer, would not be embarrassed to recommend to my non-Christian friends.”
Tiffany Gil, Author & Historian Professor



Discussion Guide
Discussion Guide

After seeing the movie with your small group or friends, use this guide to dive deeper into George’s faith journey and what we can learn from it and apply to our lives.

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Big George Foreman


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“You can always keep going and trying. That’s the story of George Foreman.”
“I jumped up and I said, ‘Jesus Christ is coming alive in me!’”
“I stopped fighting for 10 years. I spent my whole time preaching on street corners, television shows, my own ministry in Houston.”
“I started preaching. All I wanted to do was to be a preacher.”
“If you get enough faith to tell people about God, you can do anything.”
“The only time I come alive is when I have a chance to preach, testify about God. It brings me alive.”
“The most important thing that a person can have is faith in God.”
“I went back to Zaire in Africa in the same arena where I fought Muhammad Ali and here were all of the people just cheering for my testimony.”


BIG GEORGE FOREMAN: The Miraculous Story of the Once and Future Heavyweight Champion of the World is based on the remarkable true story of one of the greatest comebacks of all time and the transformational power of second chances. Fueled by an impoverished childhood, Foreman channeled his anger into becoming an Olympic Gold medalist and World Heavyweight Champion, followed by a near-death experience that took him from the boxing ring to the pulpit. But when he sees his community struggling spiritually and financially, Foreman returns to the ring and makes history by reclaiming his title, becoming the oldest and most improbable World Heavyweight Boxing Champion ever.

Directed by:
George Tillman Jr.
Screenplay by:
Frank Baldwin & George Tillman Jr.
Screen Story by:
Dan Gordon and Frank Baldwin & George Tillman Jr.
Produced by:
David Zelon
Executive Producers:
George Foreman
Peter Guber
Wendy Williams
Henry Holmes
Khris Davis
Jasmine Mathews
Sullivan Jones
Lawrence Gilliard Jr.
John Magaro
with Sonja Sohn
and Forest Whitaker
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Big George Foreman


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